Sabbath School 

Sabbath School Classes

are the heartbeat of our church family. Each week we spend time learning from Scripture and from each other.  Sabbath School is an opportunity to open the Scriptures and understand God's Word through Bible Study and Prayer with open interactive discussions, either using the Sabbath School Quarterly for that particular class or another featured program. It's a great way to learn topical studies.

We offer classes for all age groups, including Adult, Bible Discovery Class, Youth, Junior, Primary, and Cradle Roll. So, come and find one where you can relate, and where your children can receive a blessing!

The Adult class meets in the Sanctuary and study the standard quarterly.  This quarter's lessons are on Stewardship and are quite inspiring. Questions and interaction is encouraged.

The Bible Discovery Class meets in the Library and is an interactive class studying the Steps to Christ Study Guide. These are powerful lessons on learning to have a true relationship with Jesus. The camaraderie and interaction in that class is wonderful.  Open discussion is encouraged and welcomed.

Schedule of Classes

Song Service 9:25-9:35
Superintendent's Remarks 9:35-9:45
Adult Class in Sanctuary 9:45-10:35
Bible Discovery Class in Library 9:45-10:35
Youth classes 9:45-10:35
Children's classes 9:45-10:35