Personal Ministries

Personal Ministries

By Laura Weyer


Personal Ministry Is A Spiritual Ministry
Every member of the church is encouraged to experience the joy of introducing others to Jesus! This can happen in many different ways. It may involve studying the Bible together with friends; it may be as creative as a group knitting “prayer shawls” for widows, the sick, or elderly; or it might be as social as inviting neighbors over for a light meal and fellowship to get acquainted. In each case, as we come close to people and share their burdens, joys, and needs, Jesus will reveal that He makes a real difference in the lives of His people.

You can see, Personal Ministry has many facets. God uses us as His instruments to communicate, and educate His truth, love and care to others.Won’t you join hands with Jesus in sharing the “Good News”? He is coming soon!

Bible Studies Are For Anyone (and everyone)!

The Rogers Seventh-day Adventist church offers a wonderful FREE set of Bible studies entitled: “Prophecies of Hope”.

Prophecy helps us begin to understand the power and omnipotence of God; guides us to discover the truths God has revealed in His word concerning the future so we can prepare; and draws us closer to Jesus, our only safety and protection against the volatile times ahead.

These easy-to-follow Bible lessons ask important, relevant questions and prompt you to find the answers right from the word of God. It is a powerful way to learn and prove what the Bible really teaches about Jesus and the “last days”.

"I Want to Receive Bible Studies:" If you would like to receive Bible studies you can choose your preferred method. Please contact our Personal Ministry Leader, Teresa Fulks at  to let her know which method you would like to begin.

1) Independent, In-home studies: Someone will deliver a new lesson guide to your home each week, check with you at the door if you had any questions concerning the last study (and be available to answer those questions), and then leave you to study the lesson on your own.

2) Partner, In-home Studies: If you prefer to study with someone so that you can discuss what you are learning, a couple will come each week at an agreed-upon appointment time to study with you for approximately 1 hour. You will usually cover one lesson each week in the prophecy series. You will partner with the same 2-person couple throughout the lesson series.

3) Small Group Studies: If you prefer to study with a small group simply contact us and we will provide the lessons and the facilitator for your group to discover Bible truths through prophecy. We can also provide a location for your group if needed. We can also connect you with an existing small group for you to join, if available.


"I Want to Give Bible Studies:" If you would like to give, or be trained to give Bible studies please contact our Personal Ministry Leader Teresa Fulks at . She will provide you support and an excellent set of training aids, Winsome Witnessing – Dynamic Ways to Share Your Faith! And Winsome Studies in Prophecy. This training will help you:

·         Learn to teach Bible prophecy and doctrines!

·         Always be ready to explain Bible teachings.

·         Answer difficult questions with assurance.

·         Encourage decisions for Christ.

Gary Gibbs states, “If you want to know your Bible and feel the joy of being used by God, don’t give in to Satan’s nagging temptation to look at your own inadequacy. Allow faith to tame your jittery nerves and then step back to watch God work exciting miracles in your life as you become a “winsome witness.”

"I Have Other Personal Ministry Ideas!"
Everyone has been given talents by the Lord for the growing of His church body. Do you have an idea of how you can share your faith? Please, share your ideas with our Personal Ministry Leader Teresa Fulks  and receive additional support and assistance you may need to bring your idea to fruition.

The Lord is calling each of us to lead souls into the kingdom of heaven – we are His hands and feet. Pray and ask what the Lord would have you do in His work. There are people all around us looking and praying for God to send someone to teach them His truth.

"I have Bible Questions"
If you have Bible questions on a particular topic we can help with literature that specifically address your questions or we would be happy to make a personal visit and study with you. Please contact the Pastor at or Personal Ministry Leader Teresa Fulks at and make your request. We are here to help you!

"I Want to Memorize Scripture"
Many people are realizing, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, that they need to hide God’s Word in their hearts and minds (Deut. 11:18, Job 22:22, Psalms 119:11,16,93, etc.) An excellent resource to help you choose key verses, memorize word-perfect, ensure long term retention, recall references, meditate effectively, and more… is The FAST Scripture Memory System. Go to for outstanding resources, tools, and lessons. God indeed, is calling us to fortify our minds with His word.

As more of us get started with FAST, you may want to start or join a small group to encourage each other and grow. Scripture memorization leads directly to being available to the Holy Spirit to use YOU to testify to others at a moment's notice. Stay posted for a small group starting soon! (Please contact the Personal Ministry Leader, Teresa Fulks at to let her know you’re interested in starting or joining a FAST small group or if you have questions about